Our Investment Approach

Consider us your Financial GPS
Before we can help you determine how to reach your destination, we need to know your starting point.  In this first step, we will ask you for information about your current and future assets, liabilities, income, insurance, savings accounts, retirement accounts, health, and anything else that could impact your financial goals.

Once we establishwhere you are, we will work together to create a detailed retirement plan tailored to fit your situation.  Getting from A to B without several life events is virtually impossible.  At our review meetings, we will recalculate your financial route as needed, keeping in our sites...your desired destination.

Family Values Approach
We like to think that we treat our clients like extended family members.  We encourage our clients to involve their family in financial discussions early on.  We understand that it is not always easy to bring family in on financial matters.  However, it often makes money discussions and decisions seamless during years in which retirement income, elder care and final estate planning come into play.  When a loved one has passed away, it's our honor to work with the family to ensure investments under our management are smoothly transitioned to beneficiaries.  It's our "thank you" for years of dedication and mutual respect throughout the years.

Generational Wealth
At C.D. Financial, Inc., we're proud to have clients that span multiple generations.  From clients who are continuing legacies, to those who are starting their own.  No matter where you are in the wealth building life-cycle, you can use our experience to help you navigate into the next stages.  Nothing excites us more then to have immediate and extended family members of our clients seek us out for guidance based on what their relative or friend had to say about us.  It's simply our pleasure.