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5 STEP Investment Approach

STEP 1 - Advice & Planning

During this process, we will use our extensive experience to ask the right questions to enable us to create a solid foundation for your investment plan. We will review your current financial situation, appetite for risk, liquidity requirements, and determine your short and long term goals. This financial framework will provide the roadmap for your specific plan.

STEP 2 - Portfolio Modeling & Design

Our objective is to build a portfolio with an asset allocation that blends your risk tolerance with your stated goals. Based on our discovery (Step 1), we will consider using passive strategies, tactical strategies, or a combination of both by creating Advisor Managed Portfolios, professionally managed Model Portfolios, or utilizing expert institutional asset managers that can custom build portfolios. All of which we would measure against your goals, assets, and liquidity needs. Together, we then agree on the optimal allocation and document this in your individualized investment policy statement.

STEP 3 - Search & Selection

Security selection is an art as well as a science. We believe clients need access to a broad universe of options. Portfolios are constructed with a combination of institutional money managers, mutual fund companies, ETF's, third-party asset managers, and individual stocks and bonds. With so many options available, our goal is to help investors make effective selections by applying a disciplined selection process.

STEP 4 - Implementation

We will present the recommended portfolio that we feel represents your goal criteria. Once we mutually agree, we implement and monitor the selections for you.

STEP 5 - Reviewing, Due Diligence, and Reporting

Our team, along with our fund managers, will monitor and review your accounts on an ongoing basis to ensure they are performing as expected and make any necessary changes to ensure your stated goals are adhered to. Fund managers undergo a rigorous screening process before they are allowed on the investment platform. Investment clients receive monthly or quarterly statements, and we hold in-person, Zoom, or regular phone appointments at least annually. More often as needed.

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